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Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) programme

SRN Adarsh degree college is one of the best BCA colleges in Bangalore. The Bachelor of Computer Application  (BCA) Programme at SRN Adarsh degree college strives to create outstanding computer professionals with ethical and human values to reshape the nation’s destiny. This programme aims to prepare young minds for the challenging opportunities in the IT industry, nourished and supported by experts in the fields. The Department is bestowed with an experienced team of Faculty members with excellent academic records and proficiency. SRN Adarsh degree college is having Excellent infrastructure, state of the art computers with latest advancement in technology and comprehensive study material make the Department a class apart. The Department believes in “Excellence and Service” and this philosophy pervades every aspect of its functioning and become one of the best BCA colleges in Bangalore

Duration of the Course: Three Years (6 Semesters )


  • A candidate who has passed the two years Pre- University Examination conducted by the Pre-University Education Board in Karnataka
  • A candidate who has passed JODC / Three years Diploma in Engineering of Government of Karnataka or any other examination considered as equivalent thereto
  • Any student who has passed PU —II Science, Arts or Commerce securing a minimum of 35% of Marks or
  • Any student who has passed JODC or Diploma in Engg. (of three year duration of Govt. of Karnataka) with minimum of 35% of marks in aggregate in all the semester /years.

SRN Adarsh College - BCA College

One of the best bca colleges in Bangalore.

Why BCA ?

SRN Adarsh degree college is one of the best BCA colleges in Bangalore.  BCA is a new age degree course in the field of Computer Science. It serves as a stepping stone for master’s program and job opportunities in the IT industries. The programme is customized for students wishing to shine in the field of computers and Information Technology. A perfect launch pad for jobs in Government and Private Sectors Provides the technical skills essential for becoming a Software Professional.

Goals and Objectives of the Department

  • To achieve 100% results
  • The Fundamental objective of the Department is to provide opportunities for our students to develop a firm foundation in computer, mathematics, and design methodology applied to the disciplines of Computer Science.
  • BCA programme at SRN Adarsh degree college covers all fundamentals, working and advanced concepts that provide a learning environment where students and are able to apply the contemporary and essential tools needed for the in-depth knowledge of Computer science.
  • The Department also has the objectives of providing experience in leadership, management, planning and organization in addition to real world hands-on engineering experience.


BCA101T          Indian Language
BCA102T          English
BCA103T          Problem Solving Techniques Using C
BCA104T          Digital Electronics
BCA105T          Discrete Mathematics
BCA103P          C Programming Lab
BCA104P          Digital Electronics Lab   
-           Foundation Course     
-           CC & EC
BCA201T          Indian Language
BCA202T          English
BCA203T          Data Structures
BCA204T          Database Management System
BCA205T          Numerical and Statistical Methods
BCA203P          Data Structures Lab
BCA204P          DBMS Lab
-                Foundation Course
-                CC & EC
BCA301T          Indian Language
BCA302T          English
BCA303T          Object Oriented Programming Using C++
BCA304T          Financial Accounting and Management
BCA305T          Operating System
BCA303P          C++Lab
BCA304T          Accounting Package Lab
-                 Foundation Course
-                 CC & EC
BCA401T          Indian Language
BCA402T          English
BCA403T          Visual Programming
BCA404T          UNIX Shell Programming
BCA405T          Operation Research
BCA403P          Visual Programming Lab
BCA404T          UNIX Lab
-                 Skill Development Course
-                 CC & EC
BCA501T          Data Communication and Networks
BCA502T          Software Engineering
BCA503T          Computer Architecture
BCA504T          Java Programming
BCA505T          Microprocessor and Assembly Language
BCA504P          Java Programming Lab
BCA505P          Assembly Language Programming Lab
BCA506P          Project
-                 Skill Development Course
BCA601T          Theory of Computation
BCA602T          System Programming
BCA603T          Cryptography and Network Security
BCA604T          Web Programming
BCA604P          Web Programming Lab
BCA605P          Project Work
-                  Skill Development Course

The project work shall be carried out either independently or jointly (maximum of three students)

Value Added Programs

Introduction Sessions
Introduction to Industry
How to prepare to be competitive
Expectations from Industry
About our Value Added Training
What is expected of students during training?
Feedback from previous batch students
How can these students take support from previous batch students?
Compulsory Course
Hardware and its criticality
Role of an Operating System
OS architecture (General)
Moving towards Linux
Programmers/Developers and Testers - What is the difference and so special?
System, Application, Life cycle?
Importance of Life Cycle(s) during Project development and Testing Phases
How, many multiple technologies are co-related
What should be the student's approach towards programming?
Principle of Programming Languages
Different Paradigms
Importance of ADT, DT and DS
Different approach to a programming language (C language for example)
Introduction to Unix / Linux
The power of C and Linux combination
Compiler, Linker, Loader
More insight into system programming and application programming
Build on Linux and C skills Tools in Linux
SDLC as per industry and understanding the same from industry perspective
Development of a small app, adhering to SDLC including all documentation work
Shell fundamentals
Shell programming
1 mini project
Introduction to TLC
Introduction to Networking.
Linux Internals continued.
TLC in detail
Mini project to understand TLC
Networking internals
Introduction to OOAD and OOP, C++
Introduction to project Management
Introduction to process Management
Interview Skills
IPCs continued
Networking internals continued
C++ programming
Fundamental differences between C++ and Java
Introduction to Android
Introduction to Cloud
Introduction to SAN
Highlights of the value added training
  • Understanding Technologies from Industry perspective
  • How technologies are co-related making it all more powerful
  • Lots of real world examples making every session energetic and enjoyable
  • Training handled by industry experts.
  • Unique training methodologies
  • Interactive sessions
  • More importance given towards "approach" to problem solving
  • Importance to Hands-on and practical approaches
  • Valuable tips on orienting / aligning towards industry

BCA Department Activities

Industrail visit to CSIR-Goa

One of the best bca colleges in Bangalore.

Campus Selection at SRNAC-GD

One of the best bca colleges in Bangalore.

Farewell for BCA 2014 Batch

BCA colleges in Bangalore. BCA colleges in Bangalore.