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Bachelor of Commerce (B Com) - Tourism

About B com (Toursim)

Tourism is a sunrise industry with a growth-rate of 11%. In 2014, it is provided 26 crore jobs worldwide, generating 8.6% of the total employment, contributing 10.4% of GDP across the world. Demand for qualified personnel is increasing rapidly. Fuelled by competition between destinations, experiences, organizations, and nations, the industry is globalizing its offerings and standards.

SRN Adarsh College offers three years Bachelor of Commerce (Tourism), an under-graduate degree in Commerce with a specialisation in travel and tourism industry. The Course been designed to meet the demands of employers for the strategic, technological and managerial skills now necessary for this exciting and dynamic industry. The program incorporates a "best of both Worlds approach", the theory and knowledge students gain from a traditional degree program in business administration and tourism studies, along with experiential learning in tourism industry sectors. The course also lays strong emphasis on communication, customer relations and service.The scope of employment in tourism sector is very bright and career opportunities exist both in the public and private sector, Since the programme includes the subjects from commerce and management, students can also be employed in other industries & commerce sectors. So, the program provides an effective platform of learning all the tourism segments and takes up the challenges of this world


Pass in the two-year Pre-university Examination conducted by the Pre-University Education Board of Karnataka State (10+2) or any other equivalent thereto.

Why B Com (Toursim)?

  • Gain comprehensive perspective on fast evolving leisure and tourism environment
  • Develop in-depth knowledge in the leisure, recreation and tourism products/ offerings with special focus on tourism and travel trade and event management
  • Understand the complex businesses of these segments
  • Develop knowledge and skills to manage the commercial aspects in general and burgeoning leisure seekers in particular.
  • Appreciate importance of team work, leadership qualities, and cross-cultural environment
  • Inculcate values and principles for ethical and sustainable business practices
  • Equip and enable learners to start a new tourism and travel related business venture

Job Opportunities
  • Airlines Industry
  • Air Ticketing
  • State/Central Government Tourism Jobs
  • Hotel Industry
  • Travel Agents
  • Tour Operators
  • Travel Desk in Charge in Star Hotels
  • Travel Desk/Agent in IT. Firms/Sectors
  • M.I.C.E. Specialist
  • Passport and V.I.S.A. Specialist
  • Eco Tourism Tour Operators
  • Adventure Tour Operators
  • Cargo Management
  • Public Relations Executive in Hotels/Tourism Sectors
  • nbound/Outbound Tour Specialists
  • Airport Representative in Hotels
  • Language Translators in Tourism Sectors
  • Home Tourism Operators
  • Customer Care-Tourism Operations.
  • Medical Tourism Representatives in Hospitals
  • Tourism Entrepreneurs-own Business
  • Tourist Guides


1.1 Language-1      Kannada/Sanskrit/Urdu/Tamil/Telugu/ Malayalam/Additional English/Marathi/Hindi
1.2 Language-II: English
1.3 Financial Accounting
1.4 Indian Financial system
1.5 Marketing and Services Management
1.6 Tourism Business
1.7 Practicals
2.1 Language-I :Kannada/Sanskrit/Urdu/Tamil/Telugu/ Malayalam/Additional English/Marathi/Hindi
2.2 Language-II: English
2.3 Advance Financial Accounting
2.4 Retail Management
2.5 Tourism Product
2.6 Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions-I
2.7 Practicals
3.1 Language-I: Kannada/Sanskrit/Urdu/Tamil/Telugu/ Malayalam/Additional English/Marathi/Hindi
3.2 Language-II: English
3.3 Corporate Accounting
3.4 Financial Management
3.5 Travel Agency & Tour operator organisations
3.6 Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions-II
3.7 Public Relations and Corporate Communication
3.8 Practicals
4.1 Language-I:      Kannada/Sanskrit/Urdu/Tamil      Telugu/ Malayalam/Additional English      Marathi/Hindi
4.2 Language-II: English
4.3 Advance Corporate Accounting
4.4 Cost Accounting
4.5 E-Business and Accounting
4.6 Tourism marketing
4.7 Principal of Event Management
4.8 OJT-1(Field Trip Report)
4.9 Practicals
5.1 Entrepreneurship Development Program
5.2 International Business
5.3 Income Tax-I
5.4 Cost Management
5.5 Elective-I
5.6 Elective-II
5.7 Practical
5.8 OJT-2(On Job Training Report)
6.1 Business Regulation
6.2 Tourism Development planning & Policies
6.3 Income Tax-II
6.4 Management Accounting
6.5 Elective-I
6.6 Elective-II
6.7 Project works Report
6.8 Viva – Voce
6.9 Practicals
Elective Area*
Accounting & Taxation Group – I
AC5.5 Advance Accounting
AC5.6 Business Taxation-I
AC6.5 Business Taxation-II
AC6.6 Accounting for Business Decisions and IFRS
Finance Group - II         
FN5.5 Advanced Financial Management
FN5.6 International Finance
FN6.5 Corporate Financial Policy
FN6.6 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
Information Technology Group - III         
IT5.5 Accounting Information System
IT5.6 Enterprise Resource Planning
IT6.5 Information Technology and Audit
IT6.6 Banking Technology and Management
Banking & Insurance Group - IV 
BI5.5 International Banking & Forex Management
BI5.6 Life & General Insurance
BI6.5 Risk Management
BI6.6 Marketing of Insurance Products

Value Added Programs

I Semester : Air Line and Ticketing Management
II Semester : Cargo Management
III Semester : Yoga Tourism
IV Semester : Karnataka Art and Architecture