A Stepping Stone to the aspirants of Commerce and Arts Education

Combination Offered


History Economics, Political Science And Sociology(HEPS)
Languages: Kannada, Hindi and English


History, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy (HEBA)

Statics, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy(SEBA)

To inspire the students in academics we offer various prizes and awards for the achievers

  1. (a) 1 to 5th Rank in IIPUC, Board Examination Rs. 50,000/ Cash Prize.
    (b) 98% and above in IIPUC, Board Examination Rs. 35,000/ Cash Prize.
    (c) 97% and above in IIPUC, Board Examination Rs. 25,000/ Cash Prize.

(Eligible Students will receive only one of the above prizes)

  1. Students who secure 98% and above attendance will receive Special Prize Every year
  2. Best Outgoing Student is awarded at the end of 2nd year PUC.